#The lake tavern in Karlskoga

Anno 2004

Opening hours

Opening hours for meetings/conferences
Weekdays 07-22
Saturday 16-22

Our rooms for breakfast or lunch meetings
Little room (30 places)
The beach room (upstairs 20 places)

Serving times
Hotel breakfast weekdays 07-09, weekends 08-10.
Today's lunch mon-fri 11.30-13.30, sat 12-14
Dinner mon-fri 17-22, sat 14-22

Our menues


The houses was built in the early 1880s by veterinarian Felix Grönfeldt and consists of 3 houses and a few smaller buildings. The western building has housed the Strandkanten restaurant since 2004 with a conference room on the upper floor. In the middle building is the hotel Grönfeltsgården, which was rebuilt in 2015 from a run-down hostel, and in the eastern building there is a conference room and lounge for the hotel.